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We can look after your full fire
protection & detection needs.

From ‘Design’ through to supply, installation
and full service contracts as part of a package

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Halon Replacements

Replacement of Halon fire extinguishant systems

Having been proven harmful to the ozone layer, as of December 31, 2003 non-critical halon systems in the EU countries must be decommissioned. It is now a legal requirement under EU regulations to phase out all existing Halon systems as follows:

  • Existing systems should have been removed by end 2003.
  • Existing systems should not have been refilled after 2002.

At Albion, we will assist you by calculating the amount of existing hardware that can be re-used, and then explaining the pros and cons of the alternative systems to see which is the most suitable replacement for your specific needs.

At Albion, we ensure that the replacement system is completed on time and to price with minimum disruption, being sympathetic to your operating needs.

Albion specify and install new and retrofit Argonite® and FM-200® systems.